Heard That Vinegar Is a Great All Purpose Cleaner around the House?

How to Incorporate Vinegar into House Cleaning Jobs

There are many ways a cleaning service can use vinegar; this is an excellent all purpose cleaner that deodorizes, removes stains, kills bacteria, and brings a shine to everything ranging from tile floors to glasses. However, when using this liquid to perform house cleaning jobs, always ensure that is it the distilled white vinegar type, never the cider or wine vinegar, as these do stain and leave behind interesting odors.

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One good way to use vinegar is by first mixing it with water in a spray bottle; this creates an all purpose solution that can be used on appliances, bathrooms, counters, etc. Usually, the solution has to be around half water and half vinegar; however, stronger solutions can be used. To get rid of stubborn stains, spray the mixture directly onto a stain and let it settle for a couple of minutes before wiping it away. This is also excellent for cleaning windows.

Vinegar can be used in combination with scrubbing and abrasive mixtures. Mix vinegar with baking soda to make a paste; this can be used on a variety of fixtures, such as porcelain, or with salt to make a more aggressive compound to get rid of scaly deposits on such things as faucets or shower heads. A vinegar and baking soda solution can be used to deodorize and clean drains, as it will froth when travelling down drains, thus removing any scum along the way. Fill with a kettle with boiling water to scour the pipes.

As a rinse agent, as any cleaning service will tell you, vinegar is very useful. Should you have a dishwasher, run a cup through it at least once a month to remove any or all build up, and it works well as a rinse agent on glassware. Vinegar can be used on soap scum and stains found in bathrooms; soak a towel using this mixture, and leave it on top of the stain for several hours to loosen it up before removing it.

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